…so what’s this gonna be about? “Hey, I’ve got a great idea! Let’s start a blog and we’ll be insta-hip like all the other internet people in no time! Everyone will loooo”**smack****….

No plans to change the world (well, not right now) or help you raise your kittens. We just stumble over all kinda interesting/funny/stupid stuff all the time and are looking for an easy way to infect other people with it. That doesn’t mean we’ll be spamming this site with random links to icanhascheezburger, cuteoverload or boing boing (although you might see our personal “best of…”) – we have plenty of interesting projects ourselves. So I guess there’ll be  a lot of music related stuff, recipes for your daily nom, book- and software-reviews and a whole grab bag of time-stealing hullabaloo.

For now, here’s some random beautiful broken thingie:
CC-licensed image courtesy of Scallop Holden, via Flickr.