We are total coffee junkies. Personally, I can be a real bitch in the morning if I haven’t had my coffee and/or shower. Sadly, we mostly buy our food at discounters ’cause we’re artists with a relatively low budget for food. But with some of the items like sugar and coffee, we choose to make an exception and shop ecologically/politically.

This week, we finally got around to pay a visit to a local coffee collective (Kaffee-Kollektiv), which a friend recommended to us. Café Libertad made it their goal to sell good coffee while sponsoring projects, mostly in South America. So now we support Zapatistas while getting up.The prices are alright and I liked the taste of this particular roast (as in wine, I have no clue of what real quality is,) and it got me working in the morning so that’s gotta mean something. They do have mail order (within Germany).

Coffee for freedom