Two posts a day keep the doctor away!

I am almost at the end of my current project: correcting “Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain. I get a digitalized version from the publishers and match it with an edition. In this case, it’s the very first one, dating 1885, and its online and for free! Having read the book as a child, I have to swallow up nostalgia every time I turn a page. I had a rather old 50s-ish copy of “Tom Sawyer” as well; what stuck to me most were the illustrations. As I’m almost done with “Huck” now, here are my illustration highlights from first edition. Enjoy and “nostalge”. The captions are moving, too.

Trying to raise a genie.. who hasn't.

Huck's father is a drunk.

Whithout context, this scene might be slightly irritating!