Via Beehive

I’ve been openly enjoying the chaos caused by the recent Wikileaks release . Like with a glass of wine in front of the TV, snickering at all them politicians trying to apologize and/or criminalize the leakers. Yay at single-mindedness!

Those who argue that wikileaks are wrong, believe that we should entrust the government with sole control of what the people can and cannot know of what is done in their name.

Craig Murray’s short article “Raise a Glass to Wikileaks” has been the best view I stumbled across this morning.

Fefe (in German, famous controverter) also has a nice collection of links.


I will not start bitching about all the nonsense that’s going on in the media right now. Let me just say that the discourse has commenced on a personal “gossipy” level and might not even transcend it. In general, the German media seem to trivialize the information, say “okay, Westerwelle (German foreign minister) is a dick, we knew that all along” rather than learn something, say, that the USA are not to be trusted. Again, we knew that before – but now, there’s proof.


Interesting sidnote – it’s in my morning clicking routine to scan some Japanese newspapers, for I once did a seminar on Japanese politics and I kinda stuck with me ever since. (Yomiuri Shinbun, Asahi Shinbun and The Japan Times.) There is no (!) mentioning of this anywhere. Maybe Japan was not included in the Cablegate release at all? Maybe the material has not been evaluated yet? Or this seriously tells us something about Japanese media.