Im stranded. Nothing to worry about – I was visiting my parents and when I wanted to head back home my car started to fall apart. Nothing bad, actually things that are supposed to happen after a while. And the timing was good, too – at least that happened very close to the best garage I’ve ever been to. They know what they’re doing and I’m pretty sure I’ll be up and running by tomorrow.

Meanwhile I won’t starve to death.

Being detached from my normal work place and all the things that come with it has it good sides too! Time to relax, do nothing, read a book. (Or hang around drinking beer in front of the TV – yeah…) And I managed to turn my Android-mobile into a  ip-webcam using an app called “Droidcam”. Had a long skype-videochat with Lene without any problems, nice. Oh and I really enjoy the silence of the country. And yes, it is really really silent here.  Which reminds me of “Silence of the Lambs” which reminds me of horror-flicks which reminds me of this little gem I found. A slightly different “Home Alone”-Trailer. Will I be disappointed watching the original from now on?