Top Ten 2010 – that means not only albums/eps/singles that were released in 2010, but the things I listened to continually and/or blew my mind in 2010.  So there are a few “older” releases as well. Of course a lot has been forgotten. But anyway! A youtube sample will be included… Excuses for occasional crappy quality, some tracks are rare.

Lene’s Top Ten 2010

1 Chris Clark – Totems Flare (2009)

This album made it. Chris Clark is the best. I saw him live at Gogbot 2009 once and ever since I am hooked. I like the production on this album, it’s very „wintery“ and intense. Yeah yeah yeah!

2 Cakebuilder – Decks ‘ n Demons

Deep breakcore underground shit demonology from Canada! Four tracks with fire!

3 Die Antwoord – $o$ (2010)

Everyone saw them on the internet and some didn’t get it. Despite the hype, this album stuck with me throughout the year. Raw party energy especially on „What kyk jy“ and „Beat boy“.

4 Peaches – I Feel Cream (2009)

If you want to dance sexy, this it it.

5 Cardopusher – Unity means Power (2008)

The master of breakcore at his best. I listen to this when I walk a lot.

5 Rotator – Curses on Your Ghettoblaster

This guy caught me off guard. I heard „Come get some“ on a compilation and, wow, the pressure. Very hard metal-y core.

6 Amon Tobin – Freebie (2008)

The night atmosphere could not be more delighting than with an Amon Tobin record at the ready.This video also contains footage from “Hardware”, a UK cyberpunk movie that slowly conquers my heart.

7 Combichrist – What the Fuck is Wrong with you People? (2007)

Also stuff to dance to! I keep coming back to this record over and over. Classic Hard Industrial FTW!

8 Wire – Send Ultimate (2010)

Alright, again an unexpected hit in my head. I heard „Nice Streets Above“ on the radio and this a rare in between-stage of early industrial/punk traits before Ministry and stuff. Very cyberpunky.

9 Fagget Fairies – Feed the Horse (2010)

Gay dance music. If you know what I mean.

10 Edgey – Misfire (2010)

Broken IDM/electro. Intense stuff.

In other news:

The Presets – Apocalypso (2008)

Leftfield The Essential Mix

Deine Lakaien – Indicator (2010)

Klaxons – Surfing the Void (2010)

Atari Teenage Riot – Activate! (2010)

(Single release included for credit. ATR are sort of back! Rejoice!)