Thias and my mum got me a sewing machine for christmas!

Call me girly or whatever you like, I have wanted one for quite some time now because it is really handy. Stuff is breaking and I’d rather fix something than throw it away just because say, the zipper’s broken. Also, I hate shopping for clothes (shoes too) because I rarely find anything to my liking. There is always something wrong; either the color is nice but it doesn’t really fit or the other way round. Also, I am not especially fond of wearing cheap unlovingly mass prodruced polyacryl. That narrows the choice of kinky clothing down severely! Healthy AND good-looking clothes are expensive. Etsy is one of the platform for indie art and clothing that I could easily spend a months wage on.  You can buy handmade, unusual jewelry and clothing there. I bought my octopus earrings there, I mean, where else would you find tentacle earrings?

Small Quartet - Octopus Tentacle Earrings by Kayo

Aren't they octotastic?

I really love Etsy, but I hate that all the stuff I adore has to be shipped across – most of the artists are located in the US. Spending money on quality items is always a good investment. If you have it, that is. I don’t.

For example, this something I have been drooling at. (For those of you who don’t get it: It’s TRON!)

Tron Bag! Via Boing boing

My first step was to “thread it”. This machine works with two threads, upper and lower. So somehow, they both have to go in there somewhere, come out somewhere throught needle and then the machine makes whacka-whacka and sews things! Exciting! If you’re interested, this is a pretty good tutorial although I don’t really approve of her accent. ^^

Probably I’ll do some tutorials on my experiences with the machine. Right now, I’m too tired. Being a total noob at this kind of needlework, except for some leet dolls I sewed with my own bare hands (muahaha) for an Anarchy Online LARP some years ago, I had to familiarize myself with the controls first. Now I and my floor are covered with loose threads, but I finally got it to work after a few painful tries. RTFM! Watching Youtube videos also helped a great deal. Only reading the manual that came with the Singer machine did not really get me any further, because the names of all these knobs and wheels are hard to memorize. In German, the names are even weirder. I.e. “bobbin” means “Garnspule”.

So from now on, I’ll be able to fix up my own unique outfit and accessories. Yay! Thanks, Thias and mum. 🙂