On the 22nd, Byte FM, my favorite free webradio station, had a sort of open house thingie. You could bring along a song on vinyl or cd and from 16-20h, they’d let you play it. Whenever I’m idling around or just need smooth ambience, I tune into this station. I have come across lots of interesting artists I would never have found on my own. Keep it going, ByteFM!

When we got there, the studio was packed and I didn’t feel like standing in a line, so we just checked out the spartanic location, grabbed some stickers and went for dinner.

But why not give you the benefit I would have given others.

I have been a Strapping Young Lad-Fan for the longest time. My favorite album, if I had one, was “City” (1995). Raw genius from the fantastic crazy mind of Devin Townsend. SYL did a cover version of “Room 429” on “City”, and I lifted that song up into my personal olympus of songs, ….

…. until I found out it was covered. What?! Why had I never heard of that other band before – going by the weird name of Cop Shoot Cop. Tod A, singer/head guy, is one of the very few persons I get shaky knees from (trust me, I’ve tried it). His lyrics are, if you will, lyrical and are among the smartest, most heart-felt wordings of songs that I have come across. Cop Shoot Cop lyrics /videos / CDs are hard to come by because they split up. So please excuse the crappy quality of the original version.

The album that has been rotating most here is “Ask Questions Later” (as in “Shoot first,…”). It carries that sort of dark ‘n’ dreary downtown New York nihilist junky feeling at times. Definitely an unusual ensemble. Another example: