I’d say it’s the nicest, but I have to take into consideration all the wonderful places I haven’t yet had the chance to visit. In order to clean out various accounts of mine, I started out to delete tons of old data when I got sidetracked browsing through my travel diaries. 2006-2007 I lived in Canada for a year, working and traveling my way through the Great North.

It changed me as a person, had its ups an downs and fucking great landscape, that’s for sure. I used to write these little monthly email-updates to my friends and family (blogging somehow did not occur to me then), and they’d always include pictures of some kind. Apart from some really bad hair style choices, my friends in Vancouver (you guys are suffering from a serious case of awesomeness, still!) one of the things I reminisce about frequently when city life is treating me bad is Denman Island.

Alison and Steve, friendly farmer couple, live on this small island near Vancouver Island. Helping them with their work around their land, they in return let me have a little space in their yoga studio and fed me organic food. They own some cows, pigs and cats and an old dog (I hope he’s still around).This island is very remote and not many people live there.

Let pictures speak now…