Last summer, I bought a model building set for a Viper Mark II from “Battlestar Galactica”. Used to be my favorite tv series for various reasons. I really had a crush on this for several years, the extent of which few of you who have seen me in summer know.

So there are two kinds of viper space fighters in the series. The “older” Mark II and the “newer” model, Mark VII.

Any why Mark II and not Mark VII?

First of all, I played the BSG arcade game and the Mark VII just flies real shitty. It’s the fastest of all models, but very hard to maneuver and it has NO hitpoints whatsoever. This is the bitchy arab stud of space crafts.

Whereas the Mark II, while older and sort of slow, had solid hitpoints and maneuverability at a steady speed. Also, I prefer the “used” look.

(Actually, in the game, my ship of choice was the Blackbird, a DIY prototype stealth fighter.)

Anyway, since it’s friggin‘ fracking cold outside and I am in hibernation mode, and I just finished a big project, I rewarded myself with finally assembling that model viper. This is not exactly what I would call a relaxing activity. Boy, that is one crappy space ship now. Assembling and cementing the parts and painting them was not much of a problem, but getting the ridiculously small and fragile sticker paint things on there was what we call in Germany a “Frickelei”. I ended up repainting it myself and cover up whichever sticker I got on crooked.

Hey, and it’s stationed on the “Lactica” ūüėÄ

Here be pics. Can I do a raptor now?

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