I promised you an update on sewing things with my new machine. Participating in a workshop helped a great deal, I made a quilt pillow case that actually looked quite nice (and covered up the awful Ed Hardy-cushion that my dad gave to Thias on christmas! Sorry, dad!) Quilting is basically patchwork. You sew together different pieces of cloth, maybe in squares or another pattern until you reach the desired size.

How to make a skirt.

What you will need:

a sewing machine


measuring tape

a pair of scissors

some kind of cloth (1m^2 at least, depending on your size)

tailor’s chalk or white kajal


a zipper >20cm or some buttons

You may want to try on what you so far made during the process (pins), so that you won’t make the skirt to small or too big.

More advanced stuff requires a good eye or, preferably, sewing patterns, indicating were you need to cut your cloth in order to have the right size pieces you can sew together. Note that it is important to sew on the left side (the side where your cloth looks more crappy) so the good side is turned outwards in the end and you won’t see the threading. I made this skirt.

The Pattern Factory

The site I got the sewing pattern from, The Pattern Factory, is offering a very handy function (for free): You can enter you measurements (for that you’ll need some measuring tape, of course) and it will calculate the garment you want to make in your exact size.

Print the pdf out on several sheets, tape or glue them together in the designated order, then cut along the lines (leaving no space).

Put the pattern on the cloth you want to use, then draw along the lines with tailor’s chalk (if you don’t have any, white kajal also works ok). Cut out, leaving 1-2 cm along the lines.

First pin, then sew the pieces together on the left side, using a straight stitch —— . Leave ca. 20 cm on one side, this is were the zipper or buttons will go. If you want to, you can also mend the seam; it increases durability. For that, use a a zigzag-stitch /\/\/\/\ on the 1-2cm fringe you left before. Cut the rest off.

You can hem it in the end or let it fray as well.

The 20 cm gap on side: either make some button holes (some sewing machines have a program for that) and insert buttons on the other side. OR insert a zipper (sew it  on on both sides, zipper facing outward) – again, you can use a zigzag-stitch /\/\/\/\.

Enjoy your new skirt!

(If you fuck up at any time, don’t worry. You can easily unravel a seam using a smaller pair of scissors and try again.)