… and I don’t mean this, that would be how to make an owl “beg” and scary.

What is an owl bag, anyway? Well guess, it’s a bag that resembles an owl of the fluffy non-draculan variety! Woot!

I saw this in a local shop today and thought hm, I don’t want to spend 20 Euros on that, I am going to make it myself. And here is how I did it (very easily).

Owl Pattern

First I designed a sewing pattern using Gimp. Just drawing with basic geometric forms like ellipses or curves gets you a basic owl – you can do this yourself or download the picture, scale it to your desired size and print it out two times. The first print you can use to get the 4s, the second one you can cut up to get 1, 2 and 3. Now cut out paper, transfer to fabric with chalk and cut out, preferably different colors. Save a little triangular scrap for the beak. You will need

2  x 1 eyes

1/2  x 2 eye base (you can make two circles or have it in one piece of fabric as well)

2 x 3 (wings)

2 x 4 body – You can cut out the overlapping piece on both nr 4s or leave it, depending on how you want to install your shutting mechanism (zipper, velcro or button).

Sew 2 onto 4, the sew the eyes 1 onto 2. On the left side, sew together the two 4s, first using a straight stitch —— and then, in the second round, a zigzag-stitch /\/\/\ around the first to add stability. Cut off the overlaying rest. Now turn unto right side again and add the wings.

Add a string of your liking by sewing it in a little ways on the inside.

This is a very open and creative thing, there is tons of possibilities to change or add stuff! I tried some scrap fabric for the first prototype. I didn’t stick exactly to the pattern, either.

Now the only question remains: Who wants a little homeless goofy owl?