I have to make a confession.

After 15 years playing in a metal band my general knowledge about metal is close to zero. Well of course I listened to a lot of bands, but looking at it from some distance – Crowbar, Strapping Young Lad, Schweisser, etc… great bands – but where did THEY come from? You ask “how bad can it be?” – so bad it’s just 4 months ago I really listened to “Painkiller” for the first time. Pantera? Well I know they exist and considering the music I write myself SHOULD have heard one or two tracks. Nope. THAT bad. So I decided to go back and take a look on all the flavors of metal I avoided all this years. I asked Jörg, our bass player to give me a basic list of bands to listen to. A trip through all things metal. And I will write about my findings here. Don’t expect too much ranting – with my background you know I really enjoy quite a lot of styles. But this WILL be fun! Starting with the letter A.