Here we go.
The letter A.
Accept – Best of…
Title of the first track I’ll hear from this band: “Balls to the wall”.

Yeah, what a start. I’d call this classic heavy metal i guess. Like ACDC (up next?)…  One of the bands I know from t-shirts – must be popular aI guess 🙂
I like the sound. It’s….friendly….(!) Nice backings, too. I could see myself listen to this on longer car trips – sun shining outside – brain idling.
I think I actually worked with the guy who engineered this record. Cheers, Dirk. Nice Job.
..”Burning like a fire”? Seriously? Catchy though… I just read that their original singer was Udo Dirkschneider who went on to start U.D.O. – boy, first stop on this journey and already learned so much.

I moved on to a regular record by now – “Metal Heart” – I just listened to “Teach us to survive”, suprisingly interesting track.

…..and another record “Restless and wild”…..okay – I think I get them 😉

Enough for now before it gets annoying. Still: I’d love to hear “Burning..” on a road trip… passenger seat, sunshine, beer… brilliant.

YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE? Accept at wikipedia.