Last night, I was about to go to sleep but randomly zapped into a crazy movie that gripped me.

The place is Melbourne, Australia 1978. The punk phenomenon is sweeping the country and Dogs In Space, a punk group, are part of it. In a squat, in a dodgy suburb, live a ragtag collection of outcasts and don’t-wanna-be’s who survive on a diet of old TV space films, drugs and good music. And the satellite SKYLAB could crash through their roof at any moment… (

It has virtually no plot but something is always going on. I was fascinated by the soundtrack. You just randomly follow some characters around while they stumble through endless parties. It does not have a hardcore ending like other drug movies like “Requiem for a Dream” or “Trainspotting” and the likes, but it’s still intense. Recommended!  Favorite quote: “I have a friend who has a better synthesizer than you!”

Here is a short exerpt.