I’ll mostly do this listening sessions when on the train, I am on my way to work now – lets see what comes next:
Ha! I know THEM!
Starting with ’74 Jailbreak (According to wikipedia this is an EP made of song previously only released in Australia – from the beginning of the band)

First track: “You ain’t got a hold on me”
Oehm – thats different than the hits everyone knows, much softer.
More R&B than Metal. Something that always struck me when listening to AC/DC (mostly via my dad…;-)) is that bluesy sound, great guitar sound, the dust-dry drums. For a band that many see as a real heavy metal band I always was surprised how much not metal (but even better so!) the band sounds when you really listen to the tracks.
If this is how it all started: makes sense.
I`ll enjoy this train ride…

….a few days later “The Razor’s Edge” comes along.
Quite a few songs you “just know”:  “Thunderstruck”, “Moneytalks”…and more of what you’d expect from AC/DC.

Still from todays perspective this is on the bluesy/rocky side of metal. Classic.

YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE? AC/DC at wikipedia.

The Thunderstruck-video has all you need:

And here’s something most of you might haven’t seen 🙂