And may I start by saying sorry for not blogging for such a shit-long time. Now that my bachelor’s thesis is finally done with (oral exam still hovering over me though), I am surprised to discover that there is still a world beyond that. Hi! I have not really followed any news lately, but my music listening has peaked. So here are some things I stumbled across and which you might like also.

/fangirl on NEW ATARI TEENAGE RIOT ALBUM IS OUT!!!!! /fangirl off

I never thought I’d see the day. It’s been twelve years … I love what they’ve done with that thing. Politically, the entered the cyberwar zone rather than the old riot in the street fuck the police-spirit that used to be their trademark. Protest has moved on and they are perfectly on spot, references to Wikileaks, Anonymous as well as human trafficking and a bunch of other things can be found in the lyrics. Raw energy!

And while we’re at that, I don’t know if it’s just riding the promo wave, but ex-ATR member Hanin Elias also has a new album out, No Games No Fun. I like some tracks, at least better than the one before that. Clean vocals don’t work that well for her.

The “Dogs in Space” movie I blogged about ‘earlier’ triggered a sort of 80’s synth wave with me. So let’s start with this guy.

I stumbled across Gary Numan while listening to the  latest Battles  album, which is also pretty amazing. He features a track called “My Machines”, which sadly is not available on any video platform. Go buy the album and support a cool label that has artists like Clark, Brian Eno and Aphex Twin. Also, Marten from Questionable Content wore a shirt that said “GARY FUCKING NUMAN”. I get a hint when I see it.

I want to live in an 80’s future. Cassandra Complex… I just found this some years ago because I was obsessed with finding everything about cyberpunk. The album is called Cyberpunx. So, yeah. Billy Idol didn’t make it. Enjoy.