First of all, let me say sorry for the prolonged posting pause (ha, triple alliteration in your face!). I graduated and took a long vacation, involving festivals and forests. I will make up for this with an extra-long post about my current project.

I want to shamelessly self-promote a little festival we are organizing at Burg Waldeck in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, as well as maybe later write a how-to-organize-an-indie-festival guide – so you can avoid the mistakes we are likely to make and profit from this intense experience.

There is this beautiful place on earth called Burg Waldeck where I, btw, grew up part-time. It is and old ruin surrounded by the most beautiful valley with a brook running through it. Think “Lord of the Rings”.

This place, over the decades, has attracted several exceptional groups of people. Scouts, hippies, Liedermacher, singer/songwriters, alternatives, dropouts, nature lovers, freaks… Some of them stayed and built things, such as several huts in the forest or a house. It is hard to describe, but books have been written about it.

Here is a documentation from the ’60s about the early festivals there, an offspring of which my father (hi, dad!) has been organizing for some years now (Das Internationale Liederfest).

More info about this can be found at the webpage (which I translated to English for your comfort).

The idea to organize a festival originated from a very natural problem. Most of the folks who are still active here are ’68ers and the average age is around 60 and up. We are the children of this generation and we do not intend to let this place die. Although our musical background evolved to metal and rock and many other genres our parents have never even heard of, we want to contribute something to this magical place. So our goal is to get as many young people as possible down there – and make them come back, too. And what occasion would be more suitable to have a get-together than music?

We have been friends with Freakquenzy Records for a long time now, who also organize a small festival, called Freakquenzy Roundup, in Niedersachsen. So we asked them if they would move it just a little to our side; hence the name “Waldeck-Freakquenz”. Our is hope is that nothing will explode and everyone will enjoy this festival in an extraordinary environment!

You can dig the mostly indie but great bands here. Make sure to check out our website, is has lots of info on how to get there or get in touch with us.

Adam Black

Post Punk / Thrash –

Das Bluul

Drone/Ambient –

Dusty Jack’s Garbage Truck Company

Stoner Rock

Friendly Fire

Skacore –

The Unfuzzbarn

Stoner Rock –


Indie Rock –

Voices of Metropolis

Fallout Rock –


Update: One more dubstep band has joined us:

Harlekin Dubstation

If you have any questions, ask away! Tell your friends and bring them, too. All mutants welcome. Part II will follow shortly… Stay tuned!