Last weekend, the headbugz-team participated in an artsy feast. It is called “Das kleine Fest im großen Park” (The little feast in the big park) and it is so popular with locals and non-locals that tickets are sold only via a lottery, because many people would love to go. A lot of different artists perform every year. Our highlights this year were a human clockwork theatre from Spain and a very large dragon.

You can view some more pics taken by visitors here.

Below are our crappy pictures. The thing with the bikes are “the Sewing Sisters” from the Netherlands. You can “upcycle” your clothes by treading on a holland bikes which powers an old Pfaff sewing machine. I did this for almost 20 minutes and got my shirt a proper upcyclin. Nice idea!

While thiasbugz got upcycled in another way – a makeup artist had her pick on him and made him a dark elf prince with blue hair. Watching was very exciting!

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We won’t be around due to work for a few weeks, but after the festivals we will report in length. Have a good one!