Waldeck-Freakquenz Festival took as place as planned on September 16th to 17th. First of all I’d like to thank everyone who made this event possible: My fellow organizers and helpers, the bands, the Waldeck team, the Berliner Hütte crew, our sponsors and, last but not least, the guests.

It was a blast and hopefully, a second Waldeck-Freakquenz will be organized next year.

On Friday, Harlekin Dubstation grooved us into the Jam Session. (More band pictures can / will be uploaded here.)

This is what the area looked like… To the left: the stage, to the right: the coffee bus.

We were blessed with a fantastic full moon you could watch while playing on stage. You could buy drinks at the magic coffee bus (image below).

Also, we had a huge fire burning, where people socialized.

As planned, we opened Café Console in the main house. You could play a whole set of vintage games there: We had a C64 and an Amiga 500… Also NES, SNES, Sega Master System, a modded X-Box with 13337 emulated games and a PS1 with light guns. Interestingly, we had a lot of ‘noobs’ wanting to play, as Burg Waldeck is not exactly a place where electronic culture has been cherished over the last decades. But gaming master and super nerd Pantra took care of them all. (You can watch his video blog here!)

Let’s not forget the outdoor screen, where late-night TETRIS battle cries were heard.

As a side quest, light master Wing offered light graffiti. More amazing pictures can be viewed here.

Many bands and visitors took the opportunity to hike down the valley to the castle ruin. We hope that every need was satisfied.

Again, thank you all for coming and contributing yourselves to this amazing event. This entry, of course, is only a short first impression of the festival, for example, there aren’t any proper shots of the stage in full double beamer action and the VJing, but I am expecting new photos every day. Update shortly.

Do you have any remmendations for the next time? What were your impressions of this festival? Please let me know…