A US Court ruled that private information about the accounts of @rop_g, @birgittaj, @ioerror and their followers has to be turned over to federal demands. Birgitta Jonsdottir, Jacob Appelbaum and Rop Gongrijp are Wikileaks associates and have been fighting against this with ACLU and EFF on their side. What tops this off is that they, or, noone else, have no right to demand that this and other secret government orders for private data be made public. Here is an excerpt from Forbes.

It [the court] went on to quote a Supreme Court ruling: “Although many governmental processes operate best under public scrutiny, it takes little imagination to recognize there are some kinds of government operations that would be totally frustrated if conducted openly.”

Though the court may have only been addressing the status of 2703 orders, that’s a statement that also sounds like a rebuke of WikiLeaks’ mission itself.

Of course. Ignorance is strength, people!

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