I’ve always been into adventure gaming. Played all the Lucas Arts Games and then some. Also followed whatever “the old heroes” were doing afterwards as they were continuing to create wonderful things. One of these “later” games I especially enjoyed was Tim Schafer’s Psychonauts. So many ideas, so much fun, so much to discover, so many details! Tim Schafer always wanted to make a second part, but couldn’t find a publisher for his not-so-mainstream games. He mentioned this in an interview a few days ago – and out of nothing Markus Persson (aka Notch, aka creator of MINECRAFT) sends him a tweet:

@TimOfLegend Let’s make Psychonauts 2 happen.

followed by:

[…]Also, I’m serious.

So, that already blew my mind.

And while Tim and Notch started chatting about the idea, Double Fine (Tim’s company) already had a second thing coming up:

(You should really watch the video, but here’s a summary: “Help us raise 400.000$ to make an old school point-and-click adventure, we’ll also film the whole development and make a documentary out of it and all you people will be involved in getting this thing done” – now go and watch the video!)

Less than 24 hours later, the kickstarter project has raised more than 800.000$. That’s already the highest amount raised in 24 hours till now for all kickstarter projects. They even have a chance at reaching 1.000.000$. (UPDATE 12.02.2012: They reached 1.000.000$ in under 24 hours. Go Adventure community!)

All the extra money will go into the project of course, into translations, platform conversions, soundtrack, etc. And that’s wonderful. FU Publishers!

Oh, and this is what Notch had to say after the kickstarter raise broke loose:

I can’t get over how incredibly poorly timed my Psychonauts 2 offer thing was, haha. But I’m so excited about this game I don’t care!


Hopefully they still want to do Psychonauts 2 in the future. I’ll keep nagging!

Good times coming up, good times.