If you have read headbugz for a while, you are not only a very faithful reader (thx!) but you might also have discovered that I have a knack for medieval literature. That’s probably because I study it. I’d never have thought that this would end up to be my field of research, but it sort of grew on me. So I have written about medieval phenomena here a lot. Finally, I have felt the need to expand that section blogwise.

My friend Andrea, fellow (ex-)student at the University of Hamburg, and I have decided to create a blog together. We have had our own seperate blogs for while and we thought: Why not create something together? Since we live in Germany, and the texts we talk/write about are mostly German (sometimes French, too), I will sadly have to disappoint our English readers.

The blog is called “Die Mediævistinnen” and we are expecially proud of the fancy ligation (that’s the double letter “æ“-thingie). Here we will write about our current studies, maybe do some interviews with professors, give you an inside view of a medievalist’s mind. We would like to give a scientific angle, but without writing obfuscatingly complex sentences. We’ll use technical terms, but we’ll explain them in what we hope will be enjoyable reading. Since Andrea’s focus is more on art history and mine is more on literature, especially epics, those are going to be our basic approaches. For now.

A Monthy Python reference is absolutely necessary at this point.

If this is your thing: Participate! It’s open. We would be happy to welcome interested writers or students of history, art or literature into the author community. Right now it’s just the two of us, but everything has a beginning, right? Contact us, mail, twitter or carrier pigeon, and we’ll see what happens.

As good as this news is (is it? I barely make the time for the one blog.. now there’s two..), this also means I am going to cut back on the medieval topics on headbugz. Maybe once in a blue moon I might translate something, but for now, everything in that category flows directly into “Die Mediævistinnen“. I hope your reading will migrate with me; subscribe, RSS, bookmark or whatever, just read the damn thing and LET ME EDUCATE YOUUU…. BRAIIINS:…