Vaginal Fantasy is new ‘bookclub’ initiated by Felicia Day, nerd actress, who also initiated Geek and Sundry.

I held a “Vaginal Fantasy” Book Club Hangout On Air with my friends Veronica Belmont (@veronica), Kiala Kazabee (@kiala) and Bonnie Burton (@bonniegrrl) on the 30th! This was our first try, and we read “Grave Witch” by Kaylana Price. But clearly we talked about a ton of stuff (and for the record I’m at 101 hours of Skyrim I just checked!!! Why I have the need to tell this to everyone is the real problem).

They also have a Goodreads Forum.

It’s fun to watch, even – or because – they do not talk about the books all the time, but just like at a hangout with friends. I have started reading one of the recommended books, but so far, I didn’t like it. It’s really hard to find a romance / smut novel that will not make you gag with the cheesiness. That a new bookclub promotes this “hushed-up” genre is about time.

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