Sword&Laser mentioned Adam Whitehead‘s post on the show. For those of you who don’t know what Westeros is, I should probably rip off some extremity of yours and feed it to the goats, but here you go anyway.

Ever wondered how big the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos are compared to the real-life USA and UK? No? Well, disregard then. For those who have, this is a (very) rough image I knocked up to show the comparison:

Some interesting points: Skagos is the same size as Ireland, so not the tiny little island readers may be expecting from its size on the map. And Dany’s journey in A Game of Thrones alone (not to mention the north-west length of Westeros) spans a greater distance than the east-west width of the United States. Also, the North is so huge it can swallow up the entire British Isles several times with room left over. And Catelyn’s travels in A Clash of Kings were the equivalent of crossing Texas and back again with surprisingly little trouble.

In the comments, he explains how he got his scale:

The scale comes from the Wall, which is (more or less) straight and apparently close to being exactly 300 miles long. GRRM confirmed you can use it as a scale bar a couple of years back. That also tracks with a number of other distances given in the books (such as the distance between Deepwood Motte and Winterfell given in “ADWD” etc).

I imagined the continents to be smaller, but obviously, I stand corrected. In this context, the journeys the characters venture on are a lot more impressive. BTW I am almost done with “Dance with Dragons”… just a few more chapters.

And because I like maps, here is a nice big one.

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