I am just starting to wrap my head around the intricate crafting system in the MMO we just started playing, “The Secret World”. You get to pick up various items as loot, which you can deconstruct by pressing y and dropping them into the item slot in the crafting window.

The crafting system is not unlike “Minecraft“; you lay out shapes with basic materials like fire, dust, water or metal, and what you shaped is what you get. The side mission you can find in Roget’s den (“The Occultist’s Cookbook”) will get you schematics to the basic weapon shapes:

Quality level is also important. You have to use a tool kit for constructing an item (talismans, weapons, glyphs) and the materials you use have to approximately match the QL of the tool kit. That’s about the basic approach.

Items can be boosted with a glyph, which is constructed out of offensive or defensive runes you can also find as loot in the game. Any glyphs an item as equipped with when you deconstruct it will be destroyed in the process, though, so think about what you might need first. In order to upgrade an item with a glyph, it has to have an empty glyph slot. For example, my char is equipped with a shotgun and a glyph on it that maximizes critical chance. For the construction of this “Brutal Glyph”, you’ll need four “Lu” Runes and a glyph toolkit of the same QL.

Here’s an example with a Fist Weapon and an accurate glyph:

Right now, I just keep collecting whatever I find, but at this point in the game I have not been able to make better items than the ones you get as missions rewards etc.

Here are some good crafting guides to get you started:

Guide 1 text-based

Guide 2 (lots of helpful pics)

Enjoy your crafting!

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