Ragnar Tørnquist has founded his own studio, Red Thread Games, and is working on a new installment of “The Longest Journey” franchise. As you might know, “The Longest Journey” and “The Longest Journey: Dreamfall” are two of my favorite adventure games.

The Secret World developer Funcom today announced that it reached a licensing deal with Red Thread that will see the studio develop Dreamfall Chapters, the sequel to 2006’s Dreamfall: The Longest Journey and 2000’s original The Longest Journey.

As part of the agreement, Red Thread will fund and produce the game on its own, while Funcom will take a share of the revenues. Tørnquist has already confirmed through Twitter that the studio has received 1 million NOK (a little over $175,000) from the Norwegian Film Institute to fund pre-production. During development of Dreamfall Chapters, Tørnquist will also continue working with Funcom in an advisory capacity on The Secret World, though he will have the title of creative director. (Source: Gamesindustry.biz)

As long as “The Secret World” won’t suffer in quality, I’m looking forward to continue playing the haunting storyline of Arcadia and Stark.

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