Marc Blank and Dave Lebling, two of the co-founders of Infocom and co-creators of Zork, will be honored with the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences’ Pioneer Award.

Me playing ‘Zork’ at Computerspielemuseum Berlin.

Wired reporter Chris Kohler covered the story, and spoke to Dave Lebling, as well as another Infocom designer.  Just when I read the post on Boingboing I thought “Oh man, I so want to play ‘Zork’ right now just reading about it …”, my wish was sort of granted, because he took writing an article up one notch. “But in honor of their achievements and their medium of choice, we’ve decided to present the results of our interviews in a text adventure of our own, below.”

In this short work of interactive fiction, your goal is to interview one of the 2013 Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Pioneer Award winners, Dave Lebling. He’s the co-creator of the seminal text adventure Zork and co-founder of Infocom. You also need to present Dave with a worthy treasure. And get another quote from somebody else for your story. Commands in text adventures like this can be constructed of short sentences. Just tell me what to do: OPEN MAILBOX, for instance, might be a good start. Then TAKE everything you find in there.

Click on the link to start playing.

Interview with Dave Lebling

via BoingBoing

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