My favorite and first pen&paper RPG is “Cyberpunk 2020“. I love the hell out of it, the Gibsonian atmosphere is unique and “Shadowrun” sucks. The team behind the “The Witcher“, CD Projekt RED, has recently announced that their next project will be a game based on “Cyberpunk 2020”, evolved: “Cyberpunk 2077 “.

Let the saliva flow.

They made “The Witcher” and its sequel. I played them both  a bit and although they weren’t quite my cup of tea, they are solid games nonetheless. I could see them make this a dignified adaption. Please. I’m very excited about this.

Cover of Cyberpunk 2020

Cover of Cyberpunk 2020 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nothing is going to capture the feeling of this, true, a bit outdated p&p, but it’s 80s and cyberpunk as fuck – truly cyberpunk in the original sense. No other game got the shady and down&dirty DIY sense of Night City. Also, you had tons of cyber gear, which is important of course, because that is what cyberpunk is all about, too.

Later cyberpunk adaptions also always elimate the rock element, which was very present in the beginnings, like e.g. Pat Cadigan‘s short story “Rock on” in the “Mirrorshades” anthology. In “CP 2020”, you can play a rock star, which I never did. But you see how early an adaption of the genre this is.

I could imagine a few ways of transferring the essential Night City feeling into a game. It could be difficult for a modern adaption to operate with the outdated tec; like Counter Monkey mentions in his video, there are tons of early nineties visions of the dark dystopian future in this that make it so charming to play. But you couldn’t demand from a player who recently played “Deus Ex 3” or something to actually go buy a mobile phone that looks like early nineties or pay a dollar for one minute of internet at a data terminal. I hope it doesn’t get too sleek and that it will keep its key characteristics even with slight modernizations.

If you don’t know what “Cyberpunk 2020” is, watch Counter Monkey reminiscing.


We’ll see what the future holds. I’ll be checking what they’re up to.

PS. This is the first and last cat gif I will ever put on this blog. The occasion was appropriate.

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