The year is rapidly coming to an end. I believe it’s time for my annual list of recommendations. Canadians are dominating and many of the videos are breathtaking. The genre mix is even weirder than usual – chamber music rock, metal, darkwave, drum’n’bass, folk, synthpop, IDM, post-punk – take your pick.

10 Sigur Rós – Kveikur

It all started with this video.

9 Zardonic – Vulgar Display of Bass

If you need to stay awake during a long car drive or set things on fire, this will get you going.

8 Static X – Machine

Wayne Static died. Another great one gone. This made me get out my favorite Static X album. The beginning is just so in your face. Love it!

7 Grimes – Visions

I have danced around Grimes for years and it was never the right moment. She combines so many things, you can’t pin her down. Recently, though…

6 My Brightest Diamond -This is my Hand

New album! Thias has been a fan for years. She was performing in Hamburg but due to our inability to read calendars correctly we missed the concert.

5 TRUST – Joyland

New TRUST album in 2014! I loved TRST (2012) and now we have new darkwave beats straight from the Great White North.

4 Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams

The window, the view, the second story fall… More Canadians.

3 White Lies – Ritual

It just occurred to me that I have never included this album in a Top Ten list before. I wonder why? It’s just so urban melancholy. Since there is no good quality to be found, listen to three tracks in a promo short film.

2 Black Sun Empire – Cruel and Unsual

Same with Black Sun Empire. This is my running music and I’ve been listening to them for years, yet they weren’t included in a Top Ten. It’s about time! Can’t decide on an album or EP though. They have tons and they’re all good.

1 Clark – Feast/Beast

In 2013, Clark released a 2 CD remix album (Amon Tobin, Battles, mostly himself). As always, it’s brilliant.