It’s been a while since I left a cinema grinning. A good movie! It’s gritty and it will set the tone for Burning Man for years to come. The pace is always just right. As with the first Mad Max movie, the emotional impulse is survive, save the innocent, revenge. Nothing new there but at the same time the movie and the way it tells the old plot in the old setting just feels surprisingly fresh.

Also, it’s so feminist it’s got its own set of memes now.


But without being annoying about it. I really like the symbolism (bullets in her crotch, carrying seeds, the older women dealing out death but looking for a place to put the seeds…) You coud easily analyse this in a gender seminar and get interesting results.

IMDB trivia: “The film editor, Margaret Sixel, is director George Miller‘s wife. When she asked her husband why he thought she should do it as she had never edited an action film before, Miller replied, “Because if a guy did it, it would look like every other action movie.” It was shot in sequence, not a lot of CGI (well at least not much as compared to other movies out there).

Yesterday, I saw “Jupiter Ascending” and … oh god, what a train wreck of a movie. Seriously, if you just look at it without sound you might appreciate the concept art but that’s about it. So seeing Mad Max really made me happy and had me at the edge of my seat. Go see it on the big screen … but it will probably age well, and I already look forward to seeing it again in a few years.