10 Die Nerven – Irgendwann geht’s zurück (2012)

This is a first. Me liking a German band, with German lyrics. And punk, too! They applied for our festival, Waldeck Freakquenz, probably by accident. Because just every magazine has just been all over them and they’re way too big for us now. But still, the songs stuck with me.

9 Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss (2015)

From the heart of darkness comes this atmospheric album.

8 Bohren & der Club of Gore – Sunset Mission (2000)

Music when I want to block the world out and think of rain and driving through a dark neon-lighted city with fat raindrops in my windshield wipers.

7 UNKLE – War Stories (2007)

Still haunting my playlists after so many years.

6 Waltari – Torcha! (1992)

Waltari, those genre-defying crazy Finns! Saw them live this  year and while I’m not too keen on the new album, this renewed my admiration for Kärtsy, because he’s just an absolute joy to watch perform. Also, bitching hairbrush-nostalgics on this album from the 90s. Vogue!

5 Deftones – White Pony (2000)

A masterpiece. Yes, that happened a lot. Along with Tool, Klaxons and Unkle and such.

4 Kylesa – Ultraviolet (2013)

Hypnotic melodic sludge. Kylesa always delivers. Escpecially love “Unspoken” and “Long Gone”.

3 Liars – Mess (2014)

Again, killer tracks on this album, “I’m no gold”, “Vox tuned D.E.D.”, with all of the drama and all of the fun. Sadly not available for linkage.

2 Kangding Ray – Solens Arc (2014)

Saw him live in March, such a treat. Atmospheric layers of intricate beats. His new album “Cory Arcane” is also out in 2015, but I haven’t yet listened to it as much, so ‘Solens Arc’ it remains for the time being.

1 Leftfield – Alternative Light Source (2015)

This album has such awesome tracks. I really listened to “Bilocation” and “Little Fish” a lot this year. Leftfield are back, cheers!