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Super Mario Kart Turnier

Auf dem Waldeck Freakquenz 20. August 2016 planen wir nicht wie die letzten fünf Jahre ein Tetris-Turnier, sondern probieren mal was Neues.

Hier geht’s zur Voranmeldung!

Hey, we finally edited some of the GoPro material we filmed on our festival, Waldeck Freakquenz.

See our retro gaming café, our Kinect sandbox, bands, enthusiastic Tetris chanting and further awesomeness.


Quantum mechanics for dummies

So I’ve been reading Alan Turing’s biography by Andrew Hodges and find myself glued to the pages. Sadly, I suck balls at math (no pun intended). I truly do. It’s the subject that ruined my otherwise perfect GPA in high school. I’ve been trying to grasp some of the concepts mentioned in the book, and quantum mechanics is one of them. This is fascinating! I never saw that before. I mean I heard the words thrown around but I never understood what it meant. I guess I still don’t. I would love to go back to school and start all over and actually pay attention in physics, maths and chemistry. Anyway, there’s this thing on reddit, ‘explain it to me like I’m five years old’, and anyone who has ever done this properly will probably scream in protest, but it’s ok to dumb it down a bit to get across the idea to non-pros (hey, Stephen Hawking agrees!).

There seem to be a lot of people responding who overestimate the vocabulary of a five-year-old. Here’s my best shot at speaking to a kindergartner.

Physics is how we try to figure out what happens when we throw a rock at another rock. It’s pretty easy to see that throwing a small rock at a big rock is different from throwing a big rock at a small rock. One day, somebody got tired of playing around with big rocks and started using the smallest rocks he could find and throwing them at each other. These rocks were so small that you can’t see them with your eyes, you have to use other tools to know what they’re doing, kind of like when an ant bites you or a bee stings you, you can’t see what they did but you know they did something because it made your arm hurt. Even though they couldn’t see the rocks, they knew what was happening because the tools they made showed them, just like your arm tells you when you get stung/bitten.

So the next thing this guy did with his very tiny rocks was to launch them through a very thin hole at a sheet and see what happened when they came out of the other side. Most people would probably guess that tiny rocks that are shot through a tiny opening will make a tiny hole in the sheet. But that’s not what happened. The tiny rocks spread out once they went through the tiny hole and they wanted to go through the sheet more easily in some places than others. But this only happens when you use small enough pieces of rock. The big pieces of rock don’t act like that. We’re still trying to figure out why.

Some also posted this link to a video of the double slit experiment (which I found very helpful since I’m a visual learner):

X-ray film of speech organs in action

Recorded in 1962, when concern about radiation wasn’t that big of a deal. But at least you got this slightly creepy but interesting video out of it.

“I have put blood on her two clean yellow shoes.” I’m not so sure about wanting to know the background of this sentence…

We are proud to announce that there will be a third Waldeck-Freakquenz festival this year on 13th-14th september 2013. I think we fairly established the awesomeness of this festival by now. 2012 was the best party yet. 


We need more visitors to get out of this alive, though. Last time, we had a little over 100 paying happy visitors and we barely made it out in the black. If you would like Waldeck-Freakquenz to continue, bring more friends and family into the enchanted forest with you next time. Tell everyone you know about us. This way, more people will have a great weekend and the team of volunteers will be able to keep on organizing this little festival in the future.


As always, ten spots for bands are open. This stage could be yours for an hour.


Which genres do you want?

Basically we had a pretty weird mix last time; indie, stoner rock, ska core, drone, electro and what have you. We are not set in any ‘genre bounds’ – if your band is deemed awesome by our jury, you will play.

How do we apply?

Contact us at with a link to your album or song material.

When will we know?

The jury will convene sometime in March. We will tell you as soon as we know who will get to play.

How do we get there?

You’ll need a car and some directions. If you google Burg Waldeck, you will get wrong hits. The address is Waldeck Weg 1, Dorweiler. But it is sort of in the middle of nowhere.

Is there a reason not to apply?

Absolutely not!


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Welcome back! You are probably wondering why headbugz has been so quiet for over a month and more. We are now emerging from the self-elected seclusion in the forest. What have we been up to? Well, as usual, we have been preparing for the second Waldeck-Freakquenz-Festival at Burg Waldeck, arriving one week before the date and making the area the most awesome music forest on earth!

This year, we not only had ten amazing bands playing, defying all genre bounds as usual, but various other things you could explore.

Beamer video shows were made by Haegi Freakquenzy. Here are two examples, he made one for my band, Kampfstern, and one for the amazing Hermelin, who rocked hard.

We projected videos to both sides of the stage.

David and Domi built a multichannel yurt (sounds way cooler in German “Mehrkanalzelt” or “Sechskanal-Jurte”), a tent with a surround set-up where you could chill and listen to audio plays or sound installments. David has this project where he sonifies human chromosomes so you can actually listen to human DNA … Trip guaranteed!

The Tetris-Contest was a success! We made prizes for the first to third places, hand-crafted tetris-stones. The lucky winners where overwhelmed with joy. And it was a close call! Does anyone have any pistures of the occasion?

You could take tours to see the old castle, Märchenonkel Fram offered some information and history of the place.

Light Graffiti as usual, you could paint pictures in the night sky with torches, lamps, cell phones, you name it.

The magic forest “Zauberwald” was a small dubstep and drum n bass disco in a remote glade. Friends from Hamburg had prepared many black light art pieces like mushrooms and geometric forms just hanging in the dark forest and glowing with psychedelic colors. We actually got a disco ball up a tree and it just hung in the forest maybe ten meters up. Magical!

And of course you could just space out stargazing anytime.

Thank you all for coming, making music, helping, building things – we had a great time! If you have taken pictures, like Paul and Wing did (thanks again!) please upload them somewhere, there are tons of locations and tricksy neat things I have no pictures of. Words and pictures can’t really convey what it felt like to be there, so I guess you are just going to have to find out next year.

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I will take a moment to blog about this now while the festival is still over a month away, before all the craziness starts and I will have no time whatsoever. So, this is our second year of organizing an independent, non-profit festival at Burg Waldeck, which is in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. Last year was the first time we organized it with a bunch of friends and it was a blast. 

This year’s date is September 14th-15th, and we have number of cool bands of all varieties.

You can preview the music here.


Preorder handmade tickets here.

But why should you do that? I’ll tell you why. We have everything down there. It may be remote, but this means that we have all the more space to spread out and get crazy. We will do light graffiti when it is dark. We will have a room full of working vintage consoles. We will hold a tetris contest, do you dare enter? We will have lights everywhere and FIRE! Trees! Stone! Stars!

If you write for a magazine or a newspaper, we would be much obliged it you would be so kind and spread the word. Our electronic press kit is abailable here. We are looking forward to transform Waldeck into an environment of sound and lights. Come on down an bring your friends!



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We are proud to announce that there will be a second Waldeck-Freakquenz festival this year on 14-15 september 2012. We introduced the festival for the very first time at Burg Waldeck near Dorweiler in Germany, and it was a blast! There are tons of pictures here and here.

Ten spots for bands are open. The stage could be yours.


Which genres do you want?

Basically we had a pretty weird mix last time; indie, stoner rock, ska core, drone, electro and what have you. We are not set in any ‘genre bounds’ – if your band is deemed awesome by our jury, you will play.

How do we apply?

Contact us at! Upload or send (mail or snail mail) your album or song material.

When will we know?

The jury will convene sometime in March. We will tell you as soon as we know who will get to play.

How do we get there?

You’ll need a car and some directions. If you google Burg Waldeck, you will get the wrong hits. The address is Waldeck Weg 1, Dorweiler. But it is sort of in the middle of nowhere.

Will there be money?

Yes! Last year, we were able to give all bands gas money. But sadly, at this stage, we won’t be able to pay you anything for your music. Except you’ll get to be at an awesome location with very nice people and food, and you’ll get to sleep in a real comfy bed (or in the forest in moonshine, if you prefer).

Is there a reason not to apply?

Absolutely not!



Waldeck-Freakquenz Festival took as place as planned on September 16th to 17th. First of all I’d like to thank everyone who made this event possible: My fellow organizers and helpers, the bands, the Waldeck team, the Berliner Hütte crew, our sponsors and, last but not least, the guests.

It was a blast and hopefully, a second Waldeck-Freakquenz will be organized next year.

On Friday, Harlekin Dubstation grooved us into the Jam Session. (More band pictures can / will be uploaded here.)

This is what the area looked like… To the left: the stage, to the right: the coffee bus.

We were blessed with a fantastic full moon you could watch while playing on stage. You could buy drinks at the magic coffee bus (image below).

Also, we had a huge fire burning, where people socialized.

As planned, we opened Café Console in the main house. You could play a whole set of vintage games there: We had a C64 and an Amiga 500… Also NES, SNES, Sega Master System, a modded X-Box with 13337 emulated games and a PS1 with light guns. Interestingly, we had a lot of ‘noobs’ wanting to play, as Burg Waldeck is not exactly a place where electronic culture has been cherished over the last decades. But gaming master and super nerd Pantra took care of them all. (You can watch his video blog here!)

Let’s not forget the outdoor screen, where late-night TETRIS battle cries were heard.

As a side quest, light master Wing offered light graffiti. More amazing pictures can be viewed here.

Many bands and visitors took the opportunity to hike down the valley to the castle ruin. We hope that every need was satisfied.

Again, thank you all for coming and contributing yourselves to this amazing event. This entry, of course, is only a short first impression of the festival, for example, there aren’t any proper shots of the stage in full double beamer action and the VJing, but I am expecting new photos every day. Update shortly.

Do you have any remmendations for the next time? What were your impressions of this festival? Please let me know…

First of all, let me say sorry for the prolonged posting pause (ha, triple alliteration in your face!). I graduated and took a long vacation, involving festivals and forests. I will make up for this with an extra-long post about my current project.

I want to shamelessly self-promote a little festival we are organizing at Burg Waldeck in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, as well as maybe later write a how-to-organize-an-indie-festival guide – so you can avoid the mistakes we are likely to make and profit from this intense experience.

There is this beautiful place on earth called Burg Waldeck where I, btw, grew up part-time. It is and old ruin surrounded by the most beautiful valley with a brook running through it. Think “Lord of the Rings”.

This place, over the decades, has attracted several exceptional groups of people. Scouts, hippies, Liedermacher, singer/songwriters, alternatives, dropouts, nature lovers, freaks… Some of them stayed and built things, such as several huts in the forest or a house. It is hard to describe, but books have been written about it.

Here is a documentation from the ’60s about the early festivals there, an offspring of which my father (hi, dad!) has been organizing for some years now (Das Internationale Liederfest).

More info about this can be found at the webpage (which I translated to English for your comfort).

The idea to organize a festival originated from a very natural problem. Most of the folks who are still active here are ’68ers and the average age is around 60 and up. We are the children of this generation and we do not intend to let this place die. Although our musical background evolved to metal and rock and many other genres our parents have never even heard of, we want to contribute something to this magical place. So our goal is to get as many young people as possible down there – and make them come back, too. And what occasion would be more suitable to have a get-together than music?

We have been friends with Freakquenzy Records for a long time now, who also organize a small festival, called Freakquenzy Roundup, in Niedersachsen. So we asked them if they would move it just a little to our side; hence the name “Waldeck-Freakquenz”. Our is hope is that nothing will explode and everyone will enjoy this festival in an extraordinary environment!

You can dig the mostly indie but great bands here. Make sure to check out our website, is has lots of info on how to get there or get in touch with us.

Adam Black

Post Punk / Thrash –

Das Bluul

Drone/Ambient –

Dusty Jack’s Garbage Truck Company

Stoner Rock

Friendly Fire

Skacore –

The Unfuzzbarn

Stoner Rock –


Indie Rock –

Voices of Metropolis

Fallout Rock –


Update: One more dubstep band has joined us:

Harlekin Dubstation

If you have any questions, ask away! Tell your friends and bring them, too. All mutants welcome. Part II will follow shortly… Stay tuned!

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