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This year has been very shitty. I’m not sure to what extent I’ve been influenced by media narratives. Some good stuff happened as well, but at the end of the year it’s hard to think about that looking back.

I lost a family member.

I got married one week after the funeral.

I had two minor medical procedures, they were stressful but also not dangerous.

I fought for my rights two times. Both were disputes in which I did not want to compromise and I did the right thing in saying something and insisting. Both times I succeeded; one matter was dropped, the other postponed but at least people acknowledged that it couldn’t be implemented like that. But that also cost me a lot of time and energy. While I should be proud of making a difference, I just feel exhausted.

There will be no Top Ten Music this year. This hasn’t been an album sort of year. I mostly listened to long mixes (BBC/fabric), but as far as dedicated listening goes, that didn’t work out so well.

Anyway, fuck off, 2016. I hope 2017 will be just normal.

Hey, we finally edited some of the GoPro material we filmed on our festival, Waldeck Freakquenz.

See our retro gaming café, our Kinect sandbox, bands, enthusiastic Tetris chanting and further awesomeness.



Apologies for not writing. What a cliché way to start a blog post. But it’s been some time. What have I been up to? I started teaching and working on my dissertation. As you can imagine, that has been taking up some if not most of my brain and writing capacities. New situations, new people, new schedules. But I’ve had time to adjust, now, so here is headbugz again.

Here is a headbug for you. Ever since I decided that a PhD would be the next sensible thing to do, I’ve been very confident of my choice of theme. I was going to take my unhealthy obsession with giants in medieval literature to the next level. I had an idea what to do with the texts, and then I read for half a year and suddenly discovered that it’s not going to work out the way I always imagined. I guess many PhD candidates have had the same experience. So what do you do? You have to adjust and maybe go out of your comfort zone. You might start all over and encounter the same problem again: Embrace the fail. Readjust, reevaluate, continue.

Previously, I have not encountered this problem often, because during my studies there was always a frame, a set date, maybe max. 5 months you’d spend with a project, and then it’s due and gone. And it’s not even that important because max. three people read it: you, your proof reader, and your lecturer. But now it’s different because there are years to get the work done – and a potential audience. It’s the first time that I can actually allow myself to get carried away by the things I discover (or discover the absence of something I thought was there for sure). That’s scary and exciting – simultaneously. You just have to accept that your project and your ideas about your field of research are going to change while you work on it. Yay science. Be like the promontory against which the waves continually break.

Begin Japanology – Vending Machines

Recently, a friend recommended NHK’s program “Begin Japanology”. The show has been running for years. It points out different and sometimes entirely weird aspects of Japanese everday culture. I think it’s very soothing to watch. Though at times it’s rather capitalist propaganda, like hey, everything we do is awesome, never mind the environment and the poor people… But it’s NHK after all.

Anyway, here is the episode about vending machines. Camera recognition for choosing drinks and such is a bit creepy!

You can also watch other episodes for free. Check out the one on toilets!

Trant and Eddy, who is a moderator at the infamous video game show Game One, star in a brand new cooking show “Baking Bad”. Milchschnitte  is a German spongey sweet with cream enclosed by to chocolate cakes. Its texture is not unlike a Twinkie.

Anyway, these two rascals decided to “bake” a cake out of Milchschnitte, and since they are also international star cooks, they moderate in “English”. Well, if you want to see two German nerds baking something (anything but the pie), you can watch it here. Milchschnitten Torte estimated calories: Over 9000!

Thias described it: “It’s like a car accident in slow motion!” Be warned, there are three parts… And you’d probably die if you ate it.

PS. Do you know I once got stuck there for over an hour..

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Ho there, CLOP!

I hate this game! But there is nothing funnier than a unicorn falling on its arse. Prepare to fail… “Thou knowest I mislike hills.”

Just a little something…

Hello, I know I have not been posting at my usual rate. Maybe it has something to do with work and the end of the semester… just maybe. Time to think about things non-study related will be had in mid-july. But meanwhile, here are some cheesy comics I made while messing around with It lets you put together a comic without any art skills at all (sign-up via mail).



Game over, man.

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The power of Power Point and poultry

I’m going to give a lecture with a lot of slides in two hours. I’m a little nervous, and I’m sharing with you what I think of when I’m nervous before a speech. Then I’m not so “chicken” anymore and it never fails to put a smile on my face. Here is Doug Zongker’s presentation at the AAAS session, February 16, 2007.


Oh, and here’s the paper.


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Large Hadron Collider Ikea-style

Maggie Koerth-Baker found this science joke at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

10 years ago Aīn Taisō/Aīn! Dance no Uta was released. For the 10th Anniversary put on your dancing boots and get ready to be confused!

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