If you can do it on any surface, why not try projection mapping on the human face? The OMOTE Project has set out to test real time projection mapping, eventually to be used as a gadget or digital make-up or … the possibilities are endless. The video is mesmerizing.


With that mapping data, a projector uses specific points to project images onto the face. The images follow the face perfectly as it moves, providing a real-time mask that can be nearly anything you want it to be.

OMOTE is a proof of concept at this point, but the possibilities are scintillating. Real-time 3D mapping and facial projection could make for some killer Halloween costumes and, if the projectors could be made small and nimble enough, even stage makeup.

omote digital makeup

Unfortunately, the team hasn’t provided many technical details about how the effect is created or even what type of hardware is used, so it isn’t clear just how much the technology could accomplish. (Excerpt from gajitz.com)