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Maybe you’ve heard of fabric in London if you’re into electronic music. I have never been there myself but I’ve been enjoying many of their live mixes which they sell online.

Unfortunately fabric closed down this year. Two men OD’d and died on the premises, which is why the council revoked their license.

Discussions ensue. About the future of safe clubbing, and of music.


Since then, the London club scene has launched a massive campaign to save the culture. Which also results in this 111 track compilation – ten quid for 11 hours of music. I’m in.

Lene’s Top Ten 2012

You know the drill. Top Ten 2012 – that means not only albums/eps/singles that were released in 2012, but the things I listened to continually and/or blew my mind in 2012. 2012 has not been a good music listening year, but rather a good music making year. So lots of output, less input. But maybe something interesting might still catch your ear.

10 Kampfstern – Splosions

I know it’s not exactly kosher to advertise one’s own music. But since we have a category for “Shameless self-advertising” here on headbugz, I figured it’s alright. And to be frank, I listened to my own tracks a lot this year because of frequent rehearsals, statistically speaking. We had a great performance @ Waldeck-Freakquenz 2012, thanks to everyone who was involved – again. Video credit goes to the amazing Haegi @ The Barn. 2013 will be the birthdate of the album “Splosions”. It will be done when it’s done.

9 Fever Ray – Fever Ray

I know, they’re already on since forever, but I just started listening and digging it recently.

8 Warren Suicide – Requiem for a Missing Link

7 Rasputina – Sister Kinderhook

Another album by cello project Rasputina made the list this year. Can’t listen to it all the time, but it has its moments.

6 The Presets – Pacifica

I still have not really gotten into their rather weird new album, but it rotated frequently in the last part of this year. Like the last album, Apocalypso, it will probably ripen with time like an exquisite cheese or wine.

5 Woodkid – Iron EP

I’m not sure whether I really like the music or not, but the overall impression is overwhelming. Especially the video style is haunting in its atmosphere and implications… Could have seen him live and for free because an old friend of Thias’s was playing support for him in Hamburg, but sickness got in the way. This year, maybe.

4 Andy Stott – Luxury Problems

Just space out.

3 Devin Townsend – Epicloud

Unlike his last album, ‘Deconstruction’, this one was an instalike. Saw him live again this year and it was his best concert yet. Seeing ‘Grace’ performed live, invisible choire or not, was an incredible experience. Thank you Devin, wishing you all the best for 2013!

2 Burial – Kindred EP

Shrouded dupstep by Burial has been my tube soundtrack for some time now. Dizzyingly beautiful soundscapes on this EP. Also made some interesting remixes (Thom York, Jamie Woon etc.).

1 Firewater – Psychopharmacology

Alltime favorite band around Tod A. resurfaced in my playlists last year.

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Welcome back! You are probably wondering why headbugz has been so quiet for over a month and more. We are now emerging from the self-elected seclusion in the forest. What have we been up to? Well, as usual, we have been preparing for the second Waldeck-Freakquenz-Festival at Burg Waldeck, arriving one week before the date and making the area the most awesome music forest on earth!

This year, we not only had ten amazing bands playing, defying all genre bounds as usual, but various other things you could explore.

Beamer video shows were made by Haegi Freakquenzy. Here are two examples, he made one for my band, Kampfstern, and one for the amazing Hermelin, who rocked hard.

We projected videos to both sides of the stage.

David and Domi built a multichannel yurt (sounds way cooler in German “Mehrkanalzelt” or “Sechskanal-Jurte”), a tent with a surround set-up where you could chill and listen to audio plays or sound installments. David has this project where he sonifies human chromosomes so you can actually listen to human DNA … Trip guaranteed!

The Tetris-Contest was a success! We made prizes for the first to third places, hand-crafted tetris-stones. The lucky winners where overwhelmed with joy. And it was a close call! Does anyone have any pistures of the occasion?

You could take tours to see the old castle, Märchenonkel Fram offered some information and history of the place.

Light Graffiti as usual, you could paint pictures in the night sky with torches, lamps, cell phones, you name it.

The magic forest “Zauberwald” was a small dubstep and drum n bass disco in a remote glade. Friends from Hamburg had prepared many black light art pieces like mushrooms and geometric forms just hanging in the dark forest and glowing with psychedelic colors. We actually got a disco ball up a tree and it just hung in the forest maybe ten meters up. Magical!

And of course you could just space out stargazing anytime.

Thank you all for coming, making music, helping, building things – we had a great time! If you have taken pictures, like Paul and Wing did (thanks again!) please upload them somewhere, there are tons of locations and tricksy neat things I have no pictures of. Words and pictures can’t really convey what it felt like to be there, so I guess you are just going to have to find out next year.

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I will take a moment to blog about this now while the festival is still over a month away, before all the craziness starts and I will have no time whatsoever. So, this is our second year of organizing an independent, non-profit festival at Burg Waldeck, which is in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. Last year was the first time we organized it with a bunch of friends and it was a blast. 

This year’s date is September 14th-15th, and we have number of cool bands of all varieties.

You can preview the music here.


Preorder handmade tickets here.

But why should you do that? I’ll tell you why. We have everything down there. It may be remote, but this means that we have all the more space to spread out and get crazy. We will do light graffiti when it is dark. We will have a room full of working vintage consoles. We will hold a tetris contest, do you dare enter? We will have lights everywhere and FIRE! Trees! Stone! Stars!

If you write for a magazine or a newspaper, we would be much obliged it you would be so kind and spread the word. Our electronic press kit is abailable here. We are looking forward to transform Waldeck into an environment of sound and lights. Come on down an bring your friends!



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