How about some Old High German poetry for sunday afternoon reading? Muspilli, one of the oldest surviving fragments of Old High German poetry, tells about the end of the world.

Muspilli is one of but two surviving pieces of Old High Germanepic poetry (the other being Hildebrandslied), dating to around 870. […] The poem has been theorized as a Christianized version of the pagan Ragnarök, with figures represented in 13th century sources swapped with Christian figures; Surtr replaced by the Antichrist whom Elias – replacing Thor – fights, Loki by the old fiend.[1] In the Norse Ragnarök, Muspelheim and Muspell play a large role, and both versions involve a wolf. (Wiki)

Here is the full text, and Alexander Sager reading Muspilli aloud for you. And of course, the english translation. And here, the manuscript in BSB-Hss Clm 14098. The poem is to be found at the end of a latin codex, wedged in between the last pages. Remember, German was not the written language at that time, so it’s an apostille. Enjoy the reading experience!

…sin tac piqueme,         daz er touuan scal.
uuanta sar so sih diu sela         in den sind arheuit,
enti si den lihhamun         likkan lazzit,
so quimit ein heri         fona himilzungalon,
daz andar fona pehhe:         dar pagant siu umpi.
sorgen mac diu sela,         unzi diu suona arget,
za uuederemo herie         si gihalot uuerde.
uuanta ipu sia daz Satanazses         kisindi kiuuinnit,
daz leitit sia sar         dar iru leid uuirdit,
in fuir enti in finstri:         daz ist rehto uirinlih ding.
upi sia auar kihalont die         die dar fona himile quemant,
enti si dero engilo         eigan uuirdit,
die pringent sia sar uf in himilo rihi:
dar ist lip ano tod,         lioht ano finstri,
selida ano sorgun:         dar nist neoman siuh.
denne der man in pardisu         pu kiuuinnit,
hus in himile,         dar quimit imo hilfa kinuok
pidiu ist durft mihhil
allero manno uuelihemo,         daz in es sin muot kispane,
daz er kotes uuillun         kerno tuo
enti hella fuir         harto uuise,
pehhes pina:         dar piutit der Satanasz altist
heizzan lauc.         so mac huckan za diu,
sorgen drato,         der sih suntigen uueiz.
… read the rest here.