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Black light objects

We resurrected the Zauberwald at Waldeck Freakquenz 2016, an small forest clearing with surround sound installations. It’s really quite the experience, standing in a beautifully illuminated forest and not being able to pinpoint the exact location where the sound emanates from.

Since we had some black lights, we decided on some last minute crafting. Here is a short instruction on how to build some easy black light objects.

Materials for one object:

about 2,4 m strips of wood (thin)

small nails


white wool

UV paint

Saw strips of wood each about 80 cm and connect with nails to a triangle shape. Of course you can build other shapes, too.

2016-08-18 15.47.20

Put nails into the wood in about 5cm intervals.

2016-08-18 15.52.08

Connect the wool to one side and start making patterns (keep it tight).

2016-08-18 16.01.41

When you’re done, paint the frame with UV paint.

2016-08-18 16.25.13

If you want to build 3D objects, just build two triangles, one slightly smaller than the other, and insert it in the bigger one.

2016-08-18 16.59.34

Sadly, my camera is to shit to capture the whole thing at night. But it looks nice. Maybe next year we’ll try something more difficult. Enjoy your crafting!

Fallout 4: How to make light

I’ve been looking for instructions and haven’t found a conclusive tutorial on this, so here is a quickie:

POWER – GENERATORS Build a generator.


Connect generator to pylon with wire (option is shown while looking at the object in workbench mode, PC shortcut “space”)

POWER – CONNECTORS&SWITCHES Place a switch near where you want your light to be.

Connect switch to pylon with wire (see above).

POWER – LIGHTS Place a light bulb in the vicinity of your switch.

If the switch is in range of your light, it doesn’t need any further connecting, the light bulb will just be powered. It confused the heck out of me, but that’s how it is. Kind of electricity wifi. Oh joy, the future?

Flip switch like an idiot and be happy: you just made light!


How to hack your headphones using sugru

I wrote about sugru, a self-adhesive silicon paste, here. I have been using it to improve the life span of headphones. You can mould it aroung the parts of cord that ususally go brittle with time(“predetermined breaking points”). Sugru has to dry for about 24 hours, then you’re good to go.

2014-12-30 16.40.202014-12-30 16.42.06

2014-12-30 16.47.16

The Albion Ballroom Theatre in The Secret World

Since Issue #4, The Secret World has introduced a feature that I have never seen in a MMORPG before: A theatre.

The Albion Ballroom Theatre is a grand old façade on Mayqueen Market in London, across the street from Ealdwic Park. As of Issue 4, you’ll be able to go inside, and put on whatever kind of show your heart desires! Our goal is to empower players. Open mic night? Sketch comedy shows? Extensive Shakespearean productions? Cabaret? Music video? It’s really an open toolbox – you and your friends can use the Albion to do whatever you want.

You can rent the theatre and put on performances and productions with your friends and faction members. There are stage control options for lighting, backdrops, deco, weather etc.

So how does it work? One group at a time can reserve the stage for an hour for a small fee. Anyone who joins that group at any time has free access to get on stage and do almost anything you can think of! Raise and lower the curtain, place out sets willy-nilly, change the backdrop, add visual effects (weather, filth, confetti, etc), adjust the lights, trigger sounds and music… and tadaaaa you can host whatever show comes to mind. We’ve also added the “stagesay” and “act” chat commands, which broadcast your screenplay across a broader radius than the usual “say” and “emote” commands.

I don’t play TSW in RPG mode but I guess the community can get really creative with this. Here are some impressions:

Wearable Electronics: How to make an EL wire hoodie

First off, this tutorial is meant for total noobs who, much like me, have never touched a soldering iron in their lives, mean to since years but never seem to find the time… Thanks again to the people who inspired me at 30C3!

I made my first try at modding a hoodie with EL wire and I want to share the steps with you. It’s not that hard. Of course you can order them on etsy or something. They’re like 40 Euros and up. But if you prefer to make things (yay! making!), by all means, do. It’ll be much more rewarding.

You’ll need:

– a hoodie

[with zipper or not, but a pocket will be essential (15-40Euro)]

– 1 m (or more if you are taller) of portable electroluminescent wire.

[ Color of your choice. It will probably come with an inverter and connectors. You can build them yourself or just order them online, or better yet, make your local shopkeeper happy. (3-10 Euro)]

– 2 AA batteries

– scissors

– about 1 m of black velcro tape

[Again, more if you are tall – I’m not. ^^ (1-2 Euro)]

– black thread (1-2 Euro)

– plastic invisible thread

[you can buy a length of thin fishing line or sometimes find them in crafting stores in the decoration section (1-5 Euro)]

– heat shrink or sugru

– tailor’s chalk or white kajal

– measuring tape

– optional: a sewing machine (80-infinite Euro)

– or: a sharp needle

[And lots of patience (nerves).]


1 First, line out where you want the wire to run with tailor’s chalk or white kajal.

2 Sew on one side of the velcro tape along these lines with the black thread.

[ You can do this manually or use a sewing machine. A wide zig-zag stitch is recommended. (Note: You should really exchange your sewing machine needle afterwards because hard materials like velcro really fuck it up.)]

3 Cut off the velcro where you don’t need it. Now meassure this line and match up your EL wire and the other side of the velcro to this for trial.

4 Sew on the EL wire on the outer side of the other piece of velcro.

[ Machine: I wasn’t sure if I could do this with the machine, but luckily I got a very thin plastic thread that worked with the machine. It’s tricky to use, though, because it curls up a lot. Again, make sure that you use the widest zigzag-stitch possible. The wire has to stay exactly in the middle so it won’t be damaged.

Hand: You don’t have to sew on the whole length, you can also make the wire stay with little points of thread only.]

5 Try to match wire and velcro again, cut off where not needed.

6 Secure the end of the wire.

[ I used a little blob of sugru for this (which is great, btw). You can also use some heat shrink if you have it.]

7 Make a little hole in one pocket of your zipper. Put the inverter inside, wiggle the connector through the hole.

8 Put your EL wire velcro line on your zipper, connect to inverter. Switch on. Look splendid!


el wire

This is just the start though. You can make really cool designs on other pieces of clothing or accessories, like for example Lady Ada’s tron bag (see video below). The advantage of this velcro technique is that you can take the wire off and wash your garment as usual. Experiment! Use two different colors, make swirls or zigzags or…

If you are into hacking clothes, Adafruit is the place to go. I’m looking forward to trying out more, maybe use an Arduino next time… We’ll see.

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