You see beneath one of the most chaotic but also charming living rooms. Just noticing small things in this carefully designed set will make for interesting discoveries.


Among other little things, it’s fascinating to see how the arm chairs represent the characters. John’s chair is to the left: It has soft red colors and is well equipped with a tartan blanket and pillows. Implicitly: Comfort, security, the country (I think at one point I remember a Union Jack pillow being there). Sherlock’s chair is black leather and steel, all business and aloof. It barely touches the floor. Also, it’s expensive (Le Corbusier) and treated rather carelessly. Symbolism, anyone?

I bet you could write a paper about who sits where and what this means. For example, the only time Sherlock sits in John’s chair is when Moriarty visits the flat. After Reichenbach, Sherlock’s chair becomes a placeholder for the missing character. Others noticed this.

For die hard fans, they’re making an LC3 Corbusier for sale now.

(Don’t ask why that particular line of research happened, please. I am very happy with my battered sofa, and not thinking of replacing it, thank you.)