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Lene’s Top Ten 2014

The year is rapidly coming to an end. I believe it’s time for my annual list of recommendations. Canadians are dominating and many of the videos are breathtaking. The genre mix is even weirder than usual – chamber music rock, metal, darkwave, drum’n’bass, folk, synthpop, IDM, post-punk – take your pick.

10 Sigur Rós – Kveikur

It all started with this video.

9 Zardonic – Vulgar Display of Bass

If you need to stay awake during a long car drive or set things on fire, this will get you going.

8 Static X – Machine

Wayne Static died. Another great one gone. This made me get out my favorite Static X album. The beginning is just so in your face. Love it!

7 Grimes – Visions

I have danced around Grimes for years and it was never the right moment. She combines so many things, you can’t pin her down. Recently, though…

6 My Brightest Diamond -This is my Hand

New album! Thias has been a fan for years. She was performing in Hamburg but due to our inability to read calendars correctly we missed the concert.

5 TRUST – Joyland

New TRUST album in 2014! I loved TRST (2012) and now we have new darkwave beats straight from the Great White North.

4 Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams

The window, the view, the second story fall… More Canadians.

3 White Lies – Ritual

It just occurred to me that I have never included this album in a Top Ten list before. I wonder why? It’s just so urban melancholy. Since there is no good quality to be found, listen to three tracks in a promo short film.

2 Black Sun Empire – Cruel and Unsual

Same with Black Sun Empire. This is my running music and I’ve been listening to them for years, yet they weren’t included in a Top Ten. It’s about time! Can’t decide on an album or EP though. They have tons and they’re all good.

1 Clark – Feast/Beast

In 2013, Clark released a 2 CD remix album (Amon Tobin, Battles, mostly himself). As always, it’s brilliant.

We are proud to announce that there will be a third Waldeck-Freakquenz festival this year on 13th-14th september 2013. I think we fairly established the awesomeness of this festival by now. 2012 was the best party yet. 


We need more visitors to get out of this alive, though. Last time, we had a little over 100 paying happy visitors and we barely made it out in the black. If you would like Waldeck-Freakquenz to continue, bring more friends and family into the enchanted forest with you next time. Tell everyone you know about us. This way, more people will have a great weekend and the team of volunteers will be able to keep on organizing this little festival in the future.


As always, ten spots for bands are open. This stage could be yours for an hour.


Which genres do you want?

Basically we had a pretty weird mix last time; indie, stoner rock, ska core, drone, electro and what have you. We are not set in any ‘genre bounds’ – if your band is deemed awesome by our jury, you will play.

How do we apply?

Contact us at festival@waldeck-freakquenz.de with a link to your album or song material.

When will we know?

The jury will convene sometime in March. We will tell you as soon as we know who will get to play.

How do we get there?

You’ll need a car and some directions. If you google Burg Waldeck, you will get wrong hits. The address is Waldeck Weg 1, Dorweiler. But it is sort of in the middle of nowhere.

Is there a reason not to apply?

Absolutely not!


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Lene’s Top Ten 2012

You know the drill. Top Ten 2012 – that means not only albums/eps/singles that were released in 2012, but the things I listened to continually and/or blew my mind in 2012. 2012 has not been a good music listening year, but rather a good music making year. So lots of output, less input. But maybe something interesting might still catch your ear.

10 Kampfstern – Splosions

I know it’s not exactly kosher to advertise one’s own music. But since we have a category for “Shameless self-advertising” here on headbugz, I figured it’s alright. And to be frank, I listened to my own tracks a lot this year because of frequent rehearsals, statistically speaking. We had a great performance @ Waldeck-Freakquenz 2012, thanks to everyone who was involved – again. Video credit goes to the amazing Haegi @ The Barn. 2013 will be the birthdate of the album “Splosions”. It will be done when it’s done.

9 Fever Ray – Fever Ray

I know, they’re already on since forever, but I just started listening and digging it recently.

8 Warren Suicide – Requiem for a Missing Link

7 Rasputina – Sister Kinderhook

Another album by cello project Rasputina made the list this year. Can’t listen to it all the time, but it has its moments.

6 The Presets – Pacifica

I still have not really gotten into their rather weird new album, but it rotated frequently in the last part of this year. Like the last album, Apocalypso, it will probably ripen with time like an exquisite cheese or wine.

5 Woodkid – Iron EP

I’m not sure whether I really like the music or not, but the overall impression is overwhelming. Especially the video style is haunting in its atmosphere and implications… Could have seen him live and for free because an old friend of Thias’s was playing support for him in Hamburg, but sickness got in the way. This year, maybe.

4 Andy Stott – Luxury Problems

Just space out.

3 Devin Townsend – Epicloud

Unlike his last album, ‘Deconstruction’, this one was an instalike. Saw him live again this year and it was his best concert yet. Seeing ‘Grace’ performed live, invisible choire or not, was an incredible experience. Thank you Devin, wishing you all the best for 2013!

2 Burial – Kindred EP

Shrouded dupstep by Burial has been my tube soundtrack for some time now. Dizzyingly beautiful soundscapes on this EP. Also made some interesting remixes (Thom York, Jamie Woon etc.).

1 Firewater – Psychopharmacology

Alltime favorite band around Tod A. resurfaced in my playlists last year.

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I will take a moment to blog about this now while the festival is still over a month away, before all the craziness starts and I will have no time whatsoever. So, this is our second year of organizing an independent, non-profit festival at Burg Waldeck, which is in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. Last year was the first time we organized it with a bunch of friends and it was a blast. 

This year’s date is September 14th-15th, and we have number of cool bands of all varieties.

You can preview the music here.


Preorder handmade tickets here.

But why should you do that? I’ll tell you why. We have everything down there. It may be remote, but this means that we have all the more space to spread out and get crazy. We will do light graffiti when it is dark. We will have a room full of working vintage consoles. We will hold a tetris contest, do you dare enter? We will have lights everywhere and FIRE! Trees! Stone! Stars!

If you write for a magazine or a newspaper, we would be much obliged it you would be so kind and spread the word. Our electronic press kit is abailable here. We are looking forward to transform Waldeck into an environment of sound and lights. Come on down an bring your friends!



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Iron-y! A journey through metal…

I have to make a confession.

After 15 years playing in a metal band my general knowledge about metal is close to zero. Well of course I listened to a lot of bands, but looking at it from some distance – Crowbar, Strapping Young Lad, Schweisser, etc… great bands – but where did THEY come from? You ask “how bad can it be?” – so bad it’s just 4 months ago I really listened to “Painkiller” for the first time. Pantera? Well I know they exist and considering the music I write myself SHOULD have heard one or two tracks. Nope. THAT bad. So I decided to go back and take a look on all the flavors of metal I avoided all this years. I asked Jörg, our bass player to give me a basic list of bands to listen to. A trip through all things metal. And I will write about my findings here. Don’t expect too much ranting – with my background you know I really enjoy quite a lot of styles. But this WILL be fun! Starting with the letter A.

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